Testing The Professor

Kerry Dalton had simple plans for the second semester of Organic Chemistry. Keep up the work she started in the first semester: get to class, get work done on time, and get the grades she needs to start applying for Master’s programs in the fall. Her plan did not include the regular Ochem professor being on sabbatical, and Dr. Sam Ferrara taking over.

Dr. Ferrara is everything Kerry likes in her men; tall, powerful, and stocky as hell. She’s never been Hot For Teacher before, but between his thick body, his round face, and his stern, commanding voice, she doesn’t know how she’ll manage to actually pay attention to his lectures. She commits herself to indulging in nothing but fantasy throughout the semester…until it becomes clear that Dr. Ferrara is watching her as well.

Once she knows that Dr. Ferrara is watching her, she can’t help but show off. One day it’s a teasing outfit, the next it’s makeup designed to catch his eye. When she finally lays her cards out on her Professor’s desk, the question becomes obvious; can Kerry and Dr. Ferrara hold out for the end of the semester, or will they yield to temptation? Either way, the heat they’re generating is about to boil over.

Trigger Warnings: mild D/s control, age discrepancy

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