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Many of these articles are published under Kristine Croto or Kristine Lemay.

Hold the Line

  • “Why Your Kids Need To Know About Your Queer Identity”

Things my kids know about me: I’m autistic. I
love to read. I’m queer. I’m a nerd who loves all things
related to comic books. I’m a professional writer. I sing
and dance in the kitchen while I’m making dinner.

I can’t be a mom without being a person; the
kind of person I am deeply informs what kind of mom
I am, including my queerness.



‘Blank Space Parodied By Hunger Games Cast on SNL”

There’s something about Taylor Swift songs that inspires parodies. All summer long, we were treated to variations on “Shake It Off,” and now, it’s “Blank Space.”

This Saturday, Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live and viewers were treated to him and the core cast of Hunger Games parodying “Blank Space” from Taylor Swift’s most recent album, 1989. After all, that was when, 25 years ago, Harrelson first hosted SNL.

‘Dragon Age’ Contains Great Trans Character, Still Voiced By Cisgendered Voice Actor

The Dragon Age franchise’s record with trans characters, however, has been spottier. Which is why the inclusion of Krem in the newest game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is so exciting. I09 delighted in the fact that character design allows for female characters with an Adam’s apple, and the Mary Sue called Krem “[m]aybe the awesomest representation of a trans character in mainstream gaming.”


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