About the Author & Trigger Warnings

K. Tilden Frost is a queer, autistic, enby author living in the nation’s capital. She writes romantic and erotic fiction (sometimes at the same time!) as well as dark fantasy (which sometimes encompasses one or both!).

During the day, she magically transforms into a full-time freelancer writer focusing on blog and website content. She has also ghostwritten a number of erotic romance novels, but you probably haven’t heard of them.

She has two small humans for whom she is personally responsible, and a cat who pretends not to be responsible for her.


I believe very strongly in trigger warnings. I know that, for myself, knowing what I’m in for is the difference between reading something new and exciting, even if it’s hard, and a panic attack that can last for hours, or even days.

All of my stories and novels will have a list of trigger warnings that either I or a reader have identified. If you find a triggering event in a story that should have been noted and wasn’t, please get in touch so I can update the page.

Thank you, and peace.


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