How My Kids Met Austin St. John

In early April, at what would later be known as T-minus 16 hours, I had an awful, terrible idea. It wasn’t technically my idea; technically it was my partner’s. The kids, aged 7 and 10, have recently fallen in love with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He was idly browsing convention websites and social media feeds, as one does, and discovered that Austin St. John (Jason, the original Red Ranger) would be at AwesomeCon. This meant that we had a chance to introduce our kids to their hero.

The kids, especially 7, are obsessed with Jason. He wears red, he’s the team leader, and he’s really nice to everyone on the team. The idea of introducing them to the man who had played their hero was going to be hard to pass up. The catch: AwesomeCon, a three-day convention, had just finished day two as Mathias found this out. The next day—16 hours from then—would be the last chance to meet Mr. St. John.

(Continue reading at GeekMom, where this article was originally posted).


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