What I’m Reading 1/5/2018 Edition

It’s been a busy few weeks around here; my kids had a very bookish Christmas, and we added several volumes of PrincelessLumberjanes, and Pokemon to our household collection, along with some of the tie ins from DC Superhero Girls and Teen Titans. Then I was absolutely enraged by the way Marvel Comics has been behaving, and then it was New Year’s. So, there’s all of that.

Currently Reading:

  • All New Wolverine #28. This issue continues the Orphans of X storyline. I don’t love how much this storyline is focusing on Daken rather than Laura, although this is the first time I’ve read a portrayal of Daken without wanting to punch his whiny face. Gabby is hardly featured at all, which sucks, as the interactions between Laura and her clone sister are my favorite parts of this book. Great story, but I hope they get back to the Laura focus soonest.
  • America #7-8. Quiet issue, but beautiful. I don’t know that I’ve ever read a birth story/back story with lesbians, certainly not with Latinx coded lesbians, and never ever in a superhero story. #8 gave me serious adopted kid feels. “I have stories greater than me.” I am absolutely beyond livid that Marvel canceled America. Furious beyond belief.
  • Batwoman #8-9. I’ve used the same email signature line since about 1997, when I got to college and my email could have a signature. It’s that quote from Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy living or get busy dying; that’s goddamn right.” After reading Batwoman #9, I changed it to “And I rose.” This issue is freaking amazing, I can’t even explain it.
  • Batwoman, a costumed superhero in black and red, with the text "And I rose."
    Image from Issue #9 of Batwoman (rebirth)
  • Jessica Jones: The Secrets Of Maria HillI was supremely unimpressed with this book overall. More thoughts later, but it really felt like Bendis was phoning it in, and I’m just glad it wasn’t canceled when he left Marvel. I am eager to hear who the new creative team will be.
  • The Stone SkyThe Broken Earth #3 by N.K. Jemisin. I’ve been on the waiting list for this audiobook from my library since before it even came out, and my god I am so thrilled to finally get to read it. I started it on Tuesday and it’s incredible so far, all the poetry and rhythm of the first two. Want some exceptional science fiction that will fill in a few squares on your Book Riot list? Check this out.
  • The Iron Hunt (A Hunter Kiss Novel Book #1) by Marjorie Liu. I’ve had this series on my TBR for so long I forgot I’d put it there. I’ve got the first book loaded in the Kindle app on my phone, which means it’s metro and lunchtime reading. I love urban fantasy with women characters written by women. It’s just everything great to me.

New On The Shelf:

  • America #10. I love everything about America Chavez, and one of the things I like so much about this book is that it really shows how a “diverse” character doesn’t have to be about their marginalizations to be amazing. Gabby Rivera is a self-described queer Latinx writer, and the way she writes America is just amazing. Plus, America teamed up with Kate Bishop, so I’m basically here for this forever. Which turned out to be less time than I thought because Marvel is a bunch of jerks with jerk faces, did I mention. 
  • Batwoman #10. I was a little tepid on Kate Kane for a little while, but this new arc is doing things to my heart that were unanticipated.
  • Gotham City Garage #16-18. I’m behind, did I mention? I seriously have to catch up with this book.

In the Mail:

  • With a coupon from Half Price Books, I scored a great looking copy of the Young Avengers run by Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheung, and I’m excited to see that in person.
  • Ever tried reading the classic Iron Man story “Demon in a Bottle”? I have, and it’s a pain in the ass to get a hold of. Unless you score an exceptionally well priced copy of The Invincible Iron Man Omnibus #1 because you have a fantastic boyfriend who regularly wakes you up to let you know about amazing prices on books you were looking for. It’s just lucky there were three copies available this time around – me, my boyfriend, and his friend – or else there might have been a wrestling match. The friend is a huge fan of Iron Man, and was asked if he thought these books were good. His response: “Only if you consider them being the foundation of every modern incarnation of Tony good.” Good call, Jon. I can’t wait to look at this when it gets here.

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