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‘Wonder Woman’ Rebirth: Wait for the Deluxe Editions

this post was originally published on GeekMom Series, whether of books, movies, or TV, rarely have the same quality throughout. Some decrease in quality because the author has a different vision than the audience of what is intriguing about the character and setting (Anita Blake), because the author gets tangled in their backstory and plans… Continue reading ‘Wonder Woman’ Rebirth: Wait for the Deluxe Editions

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What I’m Reading 1/12/2018 Edition

I expected to have a lot more to talk about this week; Hawkeye: Kate Bishop released Volume 2 earlier this month, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Volume 4 came out this past week, but I didn't buy either one since Marvel is about as useful to me right now as a bag of smashed assholes. Oh well, what the hell, I suppose.