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What I’m Reading 1/12/2018 Edition

I expected to have a lot more to talk about this week; Hawkeye: Kate Bishop released Volume 2 earlier this month, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Volume 4 came out this past week, but I didn't buy either one since Marvel is about as useful to me right now as a bag of smashed assholes. Oh well, what the hell, I suppose.

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Gerry Conway and the Trouble With Allies

Gerry Conway has two essays in the Ms. Marvel Masterworks Volume 1 collection. As the first writer of Carol Danvers’ solo series, his original piece from the first issue’s letter page is reprinted; he also wrote an introductory essay for the Masterworks volume. The 2014 introduction is absolutely a response to Conway’s writing in 1977.… Continue reading Gerry Conway and the Trouble With Allies